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Crown Lengthening

Prepare Your Tooth Restoration for Success with Crown Lengthening

Your tooth restoration can be negatively affected by damage to your tissue or tooth structure. For example, a tooth that’s broken or decayed near your gum line can become irritated and cause problems for your restoration.

Crown lengthening exposes more of your tooth’s structure by removing gum and/or bone tissue. This prepares the tooth for treatment such as a dental crown or a dental filling. The procedure can also be used to remove excess gum tissue from around your tooth surfaces to treat a “gummy smile” condition.

Your crown lengthening treatment requires oral surgery in our dental office. Sedation and a local anesthesia will help make you comfortable during the procedure.

Contact our dental office in Falmouth and Yarmouth about your damaged tooth or teeth. Schedule an oral examination to discuss crown lengthening to improve the success of your restorative treatment.