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Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement That’s Secure and Lasting Using Dental Implants

Your untreated tooth loss can cause ongoing damage to your oral health. Tooth replacement with dental implants will restore your tooth function and appearance.

Each dental implant is made of titanium and forms a strong, new tooth root. Your new tooth structure is supported by the security of the implant that’s surgically placed within your jawbone.

Dental implants form the foundation for your new tooth. The implant (root) contains the abutment (post) that attaches to your new tooth (a dental crown).

Your dental implant functions as your natural tooth would. They provide a long-lasting tooth replacement following the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Contact your periodontist in Falmouth and Sandwich about your missing tooth or missing teeth. Schedule an examination to discuss tooth replacement with dental implants.

Replace 1 Tooth
Replace a Few Teeth
Secure a Denture
Replace All Teeth