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New Teeth in One Day with Dental Implants

A Fast and Secure Tooth Replacement with the  TeethXpress Process

Dental implants provide security for a variety of tooth replacement solutions. The teeth in a day procedure relies on tooth implants to provide a full set of new, permanent teeth in the upper and/or lower arch of your mouth.

Each dental implant is placed a one of four locations in your area of treatment. After your dental implants heal, your new set of permanent teeth will be attached to your implants.

The teeth in a day procedure can most often be finished in one appointment and is more cost-effective than a standard implant treatment. You will leave your appointment with your tooth function restored and with the ability to eat, chew, and smile with confidence.

Contact our dental office serving Falmouth and Yarmouth about your tooth loss condition. Schedule an oral examination to discuss tooth replacement with the teeth in a day procedure.

Benefits of TeethXpress